Slow wardrobe #4: summer dress

I have made this dress last year, at the end of summer and never get a chance to post it (and wear it). It was nice to find it when the first warm weather came here in Vilnius and I have worn it several times already. What I like about this dress is the easyness and the shape.


PATTERN: Dita by Make my lemonade

Size 36. Due to the relaxed fit, I didn’t do any modification. This is exactly how the pattern is designed. I can wear the dress with the V-neckline in front or in the back. Personally I like more in the back, but it is good to have options.


FABRIC: lightweight 100% viscose, bought from Mados Garazas, a local shop with a beautiful selection of fabrics. The fabric was a bit slippery to sew, so it was the right choice to pair it with a simple pattern. I still have some leftover.




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