Slow wardrobe #3: breton t-shirt

It is a staple, the Breton shirt. So when Monika from asked me to test her Timpe tee, I said immediately yes.

The pattern is on sale today, until the 26th of March, just for 2 euro! check it out here


PATTERN: Timpe Tee by Schneidernmeistern

I have cut a size 36, according to the table chart and the fit is perfect for me, no need of alterations. I like also the length. In these pictures you see it tucked in, but the length is perfect with skinny jeans to cover just the right.



FABRIC: It is cotton terry with some stretch. I have bought locally long time ago, and I don’t remember the exact composition unfortunately. I am happy I used something from my stash which is growing so much, because buying is faster than sewing.


How is your stash situation these days?


6 thoughts on “Slow wardrobe #3: breton t-shirt

  1. This is such a lovely top! The fabric looks and sounds lovely. My stash is terrible at the moment, it has grown so much over the past few years but I’m hoping to get a full day to myself to sew up some basics soon which should make a dent in it!


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