Slow wardrobe #2: the comfy dress

In the aim of getting ready fast in the morning, this dress was in my mind for a while. What is better of something you can just slip in in 5 minutes? And it is also perfect for layering, with tights or leggings and a turtleneck under. Best winter uniform ever!


PATTERN: Talvikki sweater by Named Clothing

Few times ago, Named Clothing posted a tutorial to hack Talvikki sweater into a dress (you can find it here).

The main modification is to add lengh to the original pattern. How much depends on the style you want and your height. I have added 53 cm from the waist line. It is easier to add from the waist line, since the pattern has different hem lenghs for the back and the front, so adding from a line that is the same for back and front is simplier. I have added pockets too. I didn’t, as in the tutorial, put a back zipper, since my fabric was stretchy enough. I have also give a bit of cocoon shape to the lower part, taking in the side seams. Size is 36.



FABRIC: It is cotton terry with elastane (cotton 95%, elastane 5%), stretchy enough for the neck opening. It is a dark grey with some silver sparkling in it, which make it less boring. I have bought it locally. It was in a wide roll, so I used a bit more than one meter for the whole dress (around 1.30m).



I am wearing it a lot. What I like most are the darts, that make special even a basic like a sweater.

Have you tried already this pattern? Do you like it?


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