Slow wardrobe #1: the chuncky cardigan

It is been a while and a new year is arrived. Welcome 2017!

And here the first thing I have finished in the new year: a chuncky knitted sweater


PATTERN: The puffer by Ministrikk

I have made few modifications from the original pattern. I have cast on 100 stitches, instead of 130. I have made it shorter of about 30 cm. Instead of knitting the sleeves from bottom up and sewing to the main body later, I have picked up the stitches from the main body and knitted down. They are shorter and slimmer then. Also the front ribbing is different.



The wool is coming from an old sweater, which I have unraveled. I don’t know the exact composition, but it is mainly wool. It is very soft. One of the thing I am trying is to shop less also in material and made the most of what I already have. So I am double happy with this sweater!



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