“Have you seen Karl lately…in Vilnius?”

Yes! It was around, keeping warm the lady who sewn it, a really good thing seen that winter is already here (yesterday the first snow of the season)



I was one of the testers for the new pattern of Monika, Karl, launched two days ago. Karl is an oversized, but not too much, midi sweater, with funnel neckline. It is this kind of basic dress that you can style in hundreds of ways. Moreover is so comfortable and warm. Sewing wise it is a pretty straight forward making, in particular if you have a serger. I cut a size 36, my usual, and it fits. I have just cut off about 8 cm from the length. Also the pocket should be on the left, but I did a mistake and put on the right side of the dress (late night sewing!).




The fabric is a medium weight merino wool bought at Mados Garazas, a local shop owned by a very talented lady, who buy most of the fabric in Italy and speaks a lovely Italian with me. It has a bit of stretch, necessary for this pattern. It is warm and not itchy, so I foreseen a lot of wear.


The pattern is discounted until Sunday!

(and yes there is dust on my floor! messy house happy children, they say :))


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