Embroidered vest

This is my entry for The Refashioners 2016 organized by Portia from the blog Makery. The whole point of the competition is to refashion one old pair of jeans and I have seen a lot if amazing projects already around.

This was my starting point, thanks to husband :)


And this is the result. The inspiration came from all the bloggers that participate to The refashioners, as well as from Pinterest





I have decided to use as base the Trophy Jacket by CaliFayeCollection. This jacket is a tailored cropped jacket for little girls. I have already made it, so I knew it was a perfect fit. This time I have made the version with zipper and, thanks to the suggestion of some other bloggers, to leave out the sleeves and make a vest. Size is 5 years, no modification.





The main fabric is coming from the jeans, I have used almost all of them, because initially I have cut also the sleeves. The lining is some quilting cotton from Ikea. And of course some cotton thread for embroidery.




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