Morocco pants

Summer was full of celebrations for us. One of this was the Christening of both our sons. I didn’t have so much time to sew, but the lack in the market for boys’ outfit that I like pushed me to do something. I have decided for my older son to compromise with a shirt RTW and sewing the pants.



Morocco Pants by PetitaPetitandFamily is a pattern for slim pants. So it was the right choice for my older boy. The pattern comes with a lot of options, so you can really make it unique. However, I have decided to go with the simplest option: elastic waist and no zip. This choice was due to lack of time and really small experience in sewing pants. For sure with no time limit, I will try the other options, because the explanations are so clear, that I will learn something new. I have cut a size 2T, no modification. The fit is perfect!



The fabric is triple gauze I have bought from Miss Matatabi. I love the shade of blue. Maybe weight wise, the triple gauze was a bit too heavy for a hot summer, but he didn’t complain, lucky me. Next time I will keep in mind.



This is the outfit worn that day. I have to say, sewing for boys is as much as interesting that sewing for girls, but taking pictures of themit is so much difficult, they are always on the go. Any suggestion?



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