One hour, one project: Mabel skirt

This week I would like to share with you a make for the Selfish Sewing Week spring edition. If you look at the picture this is far away from spring, but let’s get a bit of imagination :)


The pattern is Mabel by Colette Patterns, a simple knit pencil skirt. I made the version 1, the simplest one, and I have to say this was a real quick project! I have cut a size XS and just added some length.


The fabric is a Ponte de Roma, bought in a local store. The applique was already on, but I had to modify it a bit and take off some of it to reach the pattern matching on the side. I loved the way it was so easy to sew even with a normal sewing machine. For the waistband lining I have chosen some lighter knit from my stash (good way to use some remnants)


I am usually for clothes with more rooms and this is for sure out of my comfort zone. I was however positively surprise how comfortable it is and how easy to style in different way.


And now I hope the spring will arrive…


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