KWC February ’15 recap

I know that KCW is not finished yet (you have time to sew until this Sunday), but for me it is. This week end will be a family week end, since my husband is coming back from a long trip. So I will spend time with him and the kids, having some fun with the snow and just relaxing a bit.

I was anyway quite productive, despite my daughter being sick all week. I sewed mainly at night (doeas it sounds familiar?), after kids went to bed and I chose quite simple projects. I am really happy with the theme of this season challenge (Upcycle). Plus side I was able to use a lot of thing that I was not wearing anymore, like pregnancy, post-pregnancy clothes. So now my wardrobe is ready to be filled with newly sewed clothes.

Little t-shirt


Pattern: Figgy’s Banyan tee modified

Fabric: An old t-shirt of mine

Mini training pants


Pattern: True Bias Mini Hudson pants

Fabric: two pair of old pants and some leftover fabric

Mini Valentine cardigan


Pattern: self-drafted

Fabric: one old sweater and some leftover fabric (do you recognize it?)

And how your KCW is going? Any last minute plan?



2 thoughts on “KWC February ’15 recap

  1. I think you deserve the weekend off after sewing all those cute garments! I’ve not been as productive as you – I’ve just made a pair of trousers and am midway through two girls skirts!


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