Monday Mood Board

This week is a special one: it is Kid’s Clothes Week, winter edition. Kid’s Clothes Week started as a simple seasonal sewing challenge: you commit to find one hour per day for one week to sew for your kids. Now it is also a community where everyone can share the results of the challenge. You can find more about here.

Every season has a theme: the winter theme is Upcycle. So the I thought the Monday Mood Board will be all about Upcycle (for kids inspiration check out the KWC blog).


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If you feel like to want to dig more into refashion, check out Portia’s blog, she always surprise me with her ideas and results. Another interesting blog, where you can find plenty of tutorials is Cotton&Curls (in particular for maternity sewing). And last but not least So, Zo…What do you Know?, from the founder of the Me-made challenge. Do you know other refashion blogs?






2 thoughts on “Monday Mood Board

  1. Portia la seguo su Instagram ma non avevo mai visto il suo blog. Gli altri due, invece, non li conoscevo proprio. Sono interessantissimi e Cotton&Curls veramente ben fatto. Mi farò ispirare sicuramente, grazie!

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