One hour, one project: “girotondo” dress

Last week I took a small break from sewing, more because of daily duties I had to do. I am taking sewing a bit slower, it is summer and when the sun is shining, I really enjoy to be outside with the children. However a dress for the playground was in need, so, in the tradition of one hour one project, I made a green dress for my daughter. Probably you have seen it in my Instagram feed already.

Pattern: Oliver+S field trip raglan t-shirt , hacked to dress

Fabric: green dotted cotton jersey, from a local shop


The pattern is really straight-forward, even for a knit beginner like me. Oliver+S instructions are a valuable source of tricks and tips you can also use in future projects. I have cut a size 3T for my daughter (she is 2.5 years old). I have shortened the length of the t-shirt and added a gathered skirt. I like the fact that it is not tight on her and it is ideal for playing around.

It can be worn in sunny and warm days, but also when weather is not so summery with tights or leggins. I love it!

P.s. A bit of self-promoting: the dress was featured in Made By Rae blog here …I am honored



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