Sewing Indie Month: cami peplum top

Me again, I cannot stop me and I made another garment for the contest Sewing Indie Month. This time my starting point was the Cami dress from Pauline Alice. It was my first pattern from this indie designer and I have to say I am very happy with it. I started with the dress in mind and ended with a peplum top. Why? I just choose what I am sure I can wear more in my mummy life (by the way the top is also really good for nursing!).


I made some modifications from the original pattern to get what I wanted. The first one was adding 3 cm to the torso to hit my waist at the right point. I have omitted the sleeves and the collar; I kept just the original under collar. For the peplum I used the By Hand London app and calculated the radius for a half circle skirt (for the length I measured where I wanted the peplum to hit my hips).


The fabric is lightweight shirting cotton. It is brown and white and I am not sure that this color is the right choice for me. What do you think?


The buttons are from a local shop, I love them. I am wearing most of the time this top with jeans, but I think it would work also with a skirt for a more elegant outfit.


I think this top fit in both categories “Everyday Casual” and “Pattern Hacking”. Rules say that you can use one garment for each category, so I have chosen the second one.



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