Sewing Indie Month: cropped loves circle

This month I have sewn for myself a little bit more. I have tried to focus my sewing in items I really need or I can easily wear. The Sewing Indie Month was a good occasion to sew something new (you will discover at the end of the post for which special occasion).Image

I made the skirt for the Selfish Sewing week, but since it was also in May, can I count it as for the Sew Indie Month as well? It is a full circle midi length skirt, like the one you can easily sew using this By Hand London app. I personally used another tutorial to calculate the radius; I have discovered the BHL tutorial few days after, arghhh! The app is amazing, you don’t have to worry about math and the seam allowances are included! You just have to measure and cut, thanks BHL! The skirt hem is was away from straight, I think due to the slippery fabric something went wrong in the cutting.  Anyway I start to like the imperfection in my handmade, somehow it gives personality.


Once I was done with the skirt, I realized I didn’t have something to match with, in particular if for a more elegant outfit. When I saw this post on Nettie’s blog, I thought it would be a good opportunity to find a pattern for the top. In all the super nice indie patterns included in the list, I opted for the Summer Concert tee and made a cropped woven version.


The pattern is easy. It is a simple t-shirt with a twist. I have seen many versions on the web recently and liked all of them. I have opted for some sateen, even if the pattern calls for knit fabric.


I used the shiny part of the fabric for the cuffs and the band. The neckline is finished with bias binding from the skirt fabric and hand stitched for a clean finish result.


I took in few inches from the sides, otherwise the top was a little too large for me, at least for this cropped version. I think if I make the ‘normal’ one in knit fabric I will leave the pattern exactly as it is, for a more relaxed fit.


I made this outfit for “an Indie love affair” category…and for my birthday :) It was yesterday and I wanted to continue my mom’s tradition to make something new for me every year. I hope she likes it.




2 thoughts on “Sewing Indie Month: cropped loves circle

  1. That’s a lovely little cropped top – I do like the satin edge finishing. I’m wondering how you cut the hem on your skirt to give the graduation – it seems like it would be difficult!


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