One hour, one project: little vest

Rarely I made some homemade stuff as present. I had some unpleasant experiences in the past, so I decided to invest more time sewing for my own children. This vest is one of the few exceptions. It is for a little dude with blue eyes, which inspired me with the choice of the fabric.


My starting point was the Banyan Tee from Figgy’s (the boy’s version), one size up. However I modified length and armholes so much, that I can say it was a new pattern at the end.


The blue fabric is some boiled wool I got from a local shop, since here it can be cold also during summer and the printed one is quilting cotton I got on sale at


It closes with one single button (too lazy to make buttonholes? yes!).


The vest is completely reversible, that it makes more fun to style, even for a boy :)


Do you make often handmade presents? How is your experience? I would love to hear from you.



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