Selfish Sewing Week: circle wrap skirt (and new haircut)

Rachel from imagine gnats had a brilliant idea: dedicate one week to sew just for ourselves. You can find more details on her blog and on the Kollabora one. So many beautiful projects! I had big plans in my head (as always), but reality is that I was lucky to had time to made at least one skirt.


I choose to play easy and made a very simple circle skirt. I followed these two tutorials: the first one from Dana (all her tutorials are amazing and now she has video too!), the second one I found by chance and I liked the idea.


The fabric is some rayon I have founded in a local shop (I have already started scanning the new area for craft/fabric shops).


I cut it a bit too fast and somehow the hem is not straight at it should be. I kept it like this, because with the drape of the fabric it works. I finished the hem with a roll hem, it was my first time, this tutorial from Jen was really really helpful. It is just that with a circle skirt you have a LOT of fabric to hem :)


Just one thing to keep in mind if you want to try your version: add some width to the circle skirt in order to have more coverage at the wrap panels, otherwise in the windy days can be tricky.


I opted for buttons instead of the sashes.


Thanks Rachel for the idea to have some time for ourselves doing what we love.




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