Fashion Revolution Day, 24.04.2014



#insideout #handmadeinsideout


7 thoughts on “Fashion Revolution Day, 24.04.2014

  1. Big changes start with small changes, so I hope we are on the right way. In the last year’s I have changed so much my shopping habits, with no way back. The fact to be able to sew help me so much in making my own choices and not the trending ones. Really good cause, thanks for organizing!


  2. Yes, Fashion Revolution Day was very much on my mind last week as I sewed away. I’m not even tempted to buy clothing at this point. I love your Scout. May I ask: what is the difference between your front and back hem? It’s a lovely line. And did you just incorporate the box pleat into the back neckline? Did you stitch it down some? Sorry for all the questions!


  3. hi Kathleen, thanks! I am not a rational sewer and sometimes I hack patterns during the cutting, but I will try to answer to your questions. The difference between the back hem and the front one is 2 1/2 inches. For the box pleat I have added 2 inches on the fold cutting the back and stitched down from the neckline for about 7 inches on the original folding line. I have also added some lenght to the sleeves. I hope it is clear, sorry for my english :)


    1. Thanks! Your description makes perfect sense and will help me duplicate the perfect proportions on your Scout variation!


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