Nursing wardrobe inspiration

The months following giving birth are not the easiest for a woman: lack of sleep, body changes, up and downs, just to mention few. Your body is still in transition, the maternity clothes don’t fit anymore and the before-pregnancy ones not yet. Moreover, if you are nursing, your wardrobe choice is even more limited! Just separates! No more dresses, just plain t-shirt and jeans, because you have also to dress up really quick when the baby is crying and you just want to get out and have her aspleep! No mentioning that is winter, so you need layers. However I feel this it is not me and I desperately need something more feminine!!!!

Here some inspiration from the web for nursing tops


Clockwise: Sweater by Seraphine, Sweater by Sweet Mommy, another sweater by Sweet Mommy, raglan sweater by Seraphine, Turtleneck, dress by Seraphine, t-shirt by Gap

Now I am plenty of ideas in my mind…


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