One hour, one project: Leggins

HI! January is already gone…and KWC Winter 14 as well, before I can even make something. It was a very hard month with a baby, a toddler, a flu and some colds. I had to give myself some priorities, the sewing, sadly, was not of the ones. Until I started to check daily the KWC blog and I started to miss so much sewing. I have founded a very quick project and in one hour during nap time, I have made a pair of leggings for my daughter. I know it is not a so original project, but it is a quick and easy one.

Top: Zara, Leggins: handmade

PatternPeek-a-boo Lollipop leggings

Fabric: knit jersey, a present from my lovely sister (you can check her blog here www.


I am planning more of them with some upcycled fabric from some maternity clothes I don’t wear anymore. So stay tuned.


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