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When I started to sew I didn’t imagine the big impact in my shopping habits. It was just for fun (and it still is). But once I became more conscious of fabrics, techniques, etc. I couldn’t go back to shop whatever looks nice. At least this is my experience…a little revolution. Today when I need something new, my questions are always: Can I make it? Can I sew with a long lasting nice fabric? And if the answer is only maybe, I don’t buy at all. I have to say, the discovery of indie patterns was a big change in my sewing journey.

ImageI have applied this new way of shopping only to me since few months. Now I start to do the same thing regarding children clothes. Why we think we need to buy so much for them? Is it a real need or just a marketing strategy? Of course I love to see my daughter well dressed, I can’t deny, but is it really necessary to buy everything in the fast fashion retail? You can borrow from friends, you can recycle old clothes to make something new for them, and you can sew something new. And you can looking for more handmade with love items.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Just a post

  1. I completely agree. I do not even shop anymore or I can’t remember the last time I did buy something new (exept for fabric) because, well, I do not need anything. Actually, nobody needs all the stuff we are surrounded with and YES, it is all about marketing and creating things we are supposed to need, especially -but not only- in our childrens world. It is nice to hear that other people realize it. It is just a shame we are just a few…


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