Maternity coat, Butterick 5716

Happy Monday!!!

Being pregnant in winter has some inconvenience: you need a coat! I have looked in the retail, but nothing was satisfying for me, but I have never sewed a coat before!!! I have started to look around for patterns and I have found this one: Butterick 5716 Misses Retro.


I was really scared to sew a coat, but sometimes you just have to TRY. The pattern is easy and the instructions are clear. So I have managed to finish it quite in a short time.


The pattern is large enough to keep my belly warm, without any alteration. I have choosen a brown wool for the coat and a pink dot silk for the lining (this is my favorite part!).


I think I can easily wear it also after being pregnant, since it is so versatile. I wear it with a dress or with jeans, feeling always so comfortable and feminine.



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