Maternity dress (Hemlock tee hack)

I personally don’t like the maternity clothes, except for basic stuff as such a pair of jeans. For the rest I have managed almost all my pregnancy to wear normal clothes just one or two size bigger. Lately my belly became so big that this option was not more possible. I was looking for something feminine, but either the shape either the price kept me away from buying anything. So I have started thinking how to ‘hack’ a non-maternity pattern.

My starting point is the Hemlock tee by Grainline. I love all Jen patterns (by the way she is offering a 20% off until Monday, so go here and check them out)!


I have made it longer to become a dress, inspired by Portia version. I have chosen the small size, but added 8 cm in the front to give room to the growing belly. The sleeves are shorter than the original pattern.


The Hemlock tee is super easy to sew and I used pinking shears to finish the seams. I don’t know exactly the fabric composition (I have founded it in a big basket in a fabric store), I think it is blue heavy weight rayon with little white dots. I love it because it keeps me warm also in winter and I am wearing it quite often or with sneakers or with boots.



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