One of the big news of the year is that I am pregnant with my second baby…yes I am already 31 weeks. Times went so fast that I start just now to realize that I will have another baby soon.

So since nothing in my wardrobe fits me, it was a good excuse to start again to sew for me. One of the first things I have made is the Wrapped Maternity top by Megan Nielsen. I founded super easy to cut and sew, I did it in one afternoon. The most annoying part was the hemming (I don’t have a serger, so I did with a normal sewing machine). I would recommend this pattern to all the beginners. I have chosen a medium weight jersey (since it is winter time) with a lot of stretch.

I love this top. It is growing with my belly, and I feel always super comfy and elegant at the same time.

I am planning to use it also after, as nursing top, perhaps with few modifications, like shortening the sashes. I will see. For the moment “I like” Megan Nielsen’s pattern.



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